Data to Intelligence Research Centre

The Data to Intelligence (D2i) Research Centre conducts world-class research involving all processes starting with data and ending with intelligence. We solve fundamental and practical problems for data, data modelling, complex networks and decision-making based on advanced data science, mathematics and machine learning.

Who are we?

D2i is a research centre focused on developing data-driven intelligent systems to solve real-world problems and support decision-making in domains such as defence, health and energy. It consists of 47 staff members (including postdoc fellows) and 52 HDR students. The centre has expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, mathematical modelling, optimisation and sensor data analysis. The centre has received external funding from the ARC under discovery and linkage programs, Australia and US Defence, the Office of National Intelligence and various industry partners.

D2i brings together computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Our research is multidisciplinary and includes solving industrial and theoretical research problems. We aim to build data and process-driven models and intelligent algorithms to solve real-world problems.  We use advanced data science technologies and theoretical approaches for automatic data analysis, planning and decision-making to solve problems in the domains of health, food, agriculture, defence, energy, environment, finance and education.

Centre Director:


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