2021-09: Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning: Concepts, Applications and Major Players

Date: 01/09/2021, 12-1 pm 


Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning: Concepts, Applications and Major Players


Quantum computing is a new and rapidly evolving area of research and development. It concerns building and using information processing systems, which are capable of harnessing phenomena at atomic and sub-atomic scale. Such systems work on entirely new principles of computation and offer breakthroughs in solving problems, which are deemed practically unsolvable with classical machines. In the last few years, quantum computing captured the attention of computer vendors, research labs and the enterprise. It attracted phenomenal government grants and business investment, and stirred imagination of academics, students, and citizen scientists. And yet, its fundamental concepts are commonly misunderstood, its claims grossly exaggerated and promises misplaced. This seminar therefore aims to give a high-level overview of quantum computing and its sub-discipline quantum machine learning. It explains their basic concepts, their tools and devices, as well as their practical applications. It then discusses the benefits and limitations of quantum technology. It finally, outlines the future challenges and opportunities for research and education.


Jacob Cybulski is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment at Deakin University. His primary research interests are in applications of quantum computing and quantum machine learning, development of quantum software and platforms, as well as business use of (classical) data science and data visualisation technologies. He is active in global quantum computing community and a regular participant in quantum challenges and hackathons. In the past, he also managed large cross-institutional research programs in business analytics, data visualisation and e-simulations, which received grants and national awards in Australia.

Category list: D2i Seminar

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