2021-10: Local Reliable Community Search in Weighted Graphs

Date: Time: 8 Oct, 2021, Friday 1pm-2pm AEST

Title: Local Reliable Community Search in Weighted Graphs

Abstract: Community search is a fundamental task in the analysis of complex networks, which is widely applied in various scenarios like the social network, collaboration network, and topology networks. In the real world, the network data is dynamic and the interaction between entities usually comes with a weight that can be the closeness of the relationship, similarity between nodes, influence strength, or interaction frequency. The existing community search methods mainly focus on identifying the community without the temporal and weight information and lacks the discussion on the reliability of the community. In this work, we propose a novel problem of local reliable community search and developed online and index-based query methods to identify the reliable structure in the weighted dynamic graphs. We conduct extensive experiments in the real-world data and demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Presenter’s Bio: Mr Yifu Tang is a Ph.D. student at Deakin University. He is a member of the Smart Networks Lab in the School of Information Technology. His research interest lies in graph mining and graph representation learning.

Category list: D2i Seminar

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