ARC DP2022 Success

We congratulate the following D2i members in their success in ARC-DP20200

DP220101925 – Professor John Yearwood; Associate Professor Vicky Mak; Dr Bahadorreza Ofoghi; Professor William Moran; Dr Diego Mollá Aliod

An intelligent machine modelling assistant for combinatorial optimisation. This project aims to discover key fundamental technologies for automating assistance to non-expert users in the formulation of mathematical models. Through automating the modelling of combinatorial optimization problems, this research will generate new knowledge to address the fundamental challenges of automatic mathematical modelling. This intelligent assistant will enable synthesis of new mathematical models through the utilisation of pioneering natural language processing components and novel custom-made machine-readable knowledge bases. The outcome of this research will broaden access to high-quality models by non-expert workforce and alleviate the shortage of expert mathematicians, bringing significant social and economic benefits.

DP220100983 – Professor Yong Xiang; Dr Longxiang Gao; Professor John Yearwood

Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning for Secure and Decentralised Learning. This project aims to develop novel blockchain-enabled federated learning techniques for secure and decentralised learning. It addresses an important and urgent machine learning problem, that is, the data useful for training machine learning models are often held by different owners who are not willing to share their data due to privacy concerns, resulting in isolated data islands. The project will result in a set of innovative algorithms that provide solutions to the key challenges in blockchain-enabled federated learning. The expected outcomes of the project will dramatically advance the frontier of machine learning and blockchain research, and have massive social and economic benefits for Australia and international communities.

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