2022-8: Multiple criteria, aggregation and multiobjective optimisation

Date: Wednesday 31 August
Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Speaker: Professor Gleb Beliakov

Title: Multiple criteria, aggregation and multiobjective optimisation

Abstract: I will present a few industry-driven problems which require optimal solutions with respect to different criteria. Then I will formulate the corresponding multiobjective optimisation problems and discuss various concepts and challenges of this domain. I will then talk about aggregating objectives into fewer or just one, as an attempt to reduce dimensionality or solve single-objective traditional problems. We’ll examine various ways to aggregate the objectives, which go beyond the traditional weighted means, and outline their features. I will end with multiple criteria decision making problems and the role of aggregation functions.

Bio: Gleb Beliakov received his PhD long ago (1992), and has worked at Deakin for 23 years. He is now a Professor and leads Data to Intelligence research centre and Mathematics research lab. His interests include computational mathematics, fuzzy systems, aggregation functions and eXplainable AI.

Category list: D2i Seminar

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