Industry projects

  • Modelling Adversary Intent Using Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning (R. Dazeley, with DSTG, 2021)
  • A competency-aware multi-agent framework for human-machine teams in adversarial environments (R. Dazeley, with DSTG, 2021-2022)
  • Explore the association rules between the fundamentals and short-term price dynamics (Y. Zhu with MITA Capital Management LLC, 2021)
  • Valuing Dependencies in Portfolio Allocation Through Choquet Integral based Knapsack Problem (G.Beliakov with DSTG, 2020)
  • Modelling networked combat, adversarial C2 and information operations (M. Angelova, S. Shelyag and Y. Zhu with DSTG, 2020)
  • Oil/Gas Wells Surveillance based on Artificial Intelligence Methods (G. Li, W. Luo, 2019-2021)
  • Scheduling and timetabling for pilot training  (V. Mak-Hau, S. Polyakovskiy  with DSTG, 2019)
  • Scaling Force Effectiveness Modelling and Assessment Methods (V. Mak, J. Yearwood, G. Beliakov, R. Dazeley, T. Wilkin with DSTG, 2019-2022)
  • Novel Audio Watermarking Techniques for Tracing Multimedia Piracy (Y. Xiang, G. Beliakov, L. gao, W. Zhou, ARC LP, 2018-2020)
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