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Centre Overview

D2i is a research centre focused on developing data-driven intelligent systems to solve real-world problems and support decision making in domains such as defence, health and energy. It consists of 47 staff members (including postdoc fellows) and 52 HDR students. The centre has expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, mathematical modelling, optimisation and sensor data analysis. The centre has received external funding from the ARC under discovery and linkage programs, Australia and US Defence, the Office of National Intelligence and various industry partners.

Data Analytics Research Lab

Directors: A/Professor Chandan Karmakar, A/Professor Sutharshan Rajasegarar.

The Data Analytics Lab is conducting internationally recognised research to discover data patterns, properties of data and model complex systems. We build data-driven models and intelligent algorithms to solve fundamental and industrial real-world problems.

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Machine Intelligence Lab

Director: Professor Richard Dazeley

The Machine Intelligence Lab conducts world-class research to harness the transition from a process-defined world to a data-driven one by creating and developing future AI technologies and techniques that will have transformational effects across the economy and society. We aim to design intelligent algorithms that automate problems of data analysis, planning and decision-making. The lab pursues interdisciplinary research within the areas of pattern analysis, machine learning and AI, aimed at discovering the principles underlying the design, development and deployment of artificially intelligent systems.

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Mathematics Lab

Directors: Professor Gleb Beliakov,  A/Professor Vicky Mak-Hau

The Mathematics Lab brings together mathematicians and data scientists within the School of Information Technology, consolidating theoretical and practical research in decision sciences, computational mathematics and optimisation, applied statistics and mathematical modelling.

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Knowledge Mining and Meta Intelligence

Directors: A/Professor Jianxin Li,  A/Professor Guangyan Huang

The Smart Networks Lab is designed to deliver world-leading research and emerging technologies by solving the practical problems in complex network data systems and structured data systems. It provides a real-time systematic solution to address the challenging tasks in the full process of data collection, data maintenance, data analytics and decision-making.

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Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications

Director: Dr Dhananjay Thiruvady

The artificial intelligence in industrial applications lab aims to bring together researchers in SIT who are working in common domain areas, such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, or related fields, and those who are keen to work in these areas in the future. Our vision is to create a lab that leverages the skills of our lab members to foster collaboration, achieve excellent research outcomes and impact work with the industry.


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