Research Software

  • Fuzzy measure tools. This software allows one to manipulate fuzzy measures (capacities, cooperative games), randomly generate or fit them to empirical data, calculate various importance and interaction indices and calculate discrete Choquet and Sugeno integrals. Available ac C++ library with Python and R APIs.
  • Weighted OWA (Ordered weighted averaging).  Calculating various types of weighted functions, and multivariate extensions of binary means.
  • Parallel Random Number generator based on Normal Numbers. C++ headers library.
  • LibLip. Multivariate interpolation and approximation of scattered data using Lipschitz approximation. C++ library.
  • RanLip. Multivariate random variate generation with arbitrary Lipschitz continuous distributions.
  • CP-select. Algorithm for parallel selection on GPUs
  • Stringi.  R package for very fast, portable, correct, consistent, and convenient string/text processing in any locale or character encoding.
  • Genie. Fast and Robust Hierarchical Clustering with Noise Point Detection.

Open Sourced Packages

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